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10 Keys To Work/Life Balance
We share 10 keys that will lead you to a healthier, happier, more rewarding mix of everything that is important to you.

Creating A Positive Charge
Learn how to eliminate negativity and encourage positivity at work.

Effectiveness Secrets of High Performers
Learn tools and techniques used by some of the most productive people on the planet.

Get Your Health Back On Track
Learn 4 steps for getting your health back on track, anytime you slip off.

Healthy Choices For Higher Performance
Learn how to make simple, powerful choices that help you think, act, and perform better every day.

How To Get & Stay Motivated
Learn how to get and stay engaged and motivated more consistently…even when you don’t want to.

How To Not Suck At Getting UNSTUCK
Whitney Bishop, creator of, shares some powerful strategies for getting unstuck and creating the change you’d like to see in your life.

How To Influence “Up!”
Get the attention of those above, below, and beside you, and learn how to present your ideas so they are heard and acted upon.

The Secrets of Greener Grass
Apply the secrets of greener grass to the workplace with an actionable set of elements that will help you create a legendary workplace.

The Unconventional Guide To Achieving Goals
Powerful, unusual advice about setting and achieving goals that really works.

Three Powerful Ways To Disconnect and Recharge (Even When You’re Super Busy)
How do you manage your energy during busy seasons? We’ll show you how!

Unleash The Power of FOCUS
Discover what steals your time and attention, and learn how to focus more effectively every day.

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Expert Video Interviews

Brad Szollose
Award-winning author of Liquid Leadership.

Debbie Phillips
Founder of Women On Fire.

Gina Pellegrini
Founder, Pellegrini Team Consulting.

Jason Barger
Best-selling author Step Back From The Baggage Claim.

Jay Papasan
Best-selling co-author of The One Thing.

Jayson Teagle
Executive Director of Leadercast.

Jeremie Kubicek
Best-selling author of Make Your Leadership Come Alive.

Joe Tye
Author of All Hands on Deck.

Jon Petz
Best-selling author of Boring Meetings Suck.

Mark Sanborn
Best-selling author of The Fred Factor.

Steven Shapiro
Best-selling author of Best Practices Are Stupid.

Tim Sanders
Best-selling author of Love is The Killer App.

Dr. Todd Dewett
Leadership expert,

Tools and Activities

Inside the Rockstar Academy, you get access to several workbooks and exercises designed to help you take your performance to the next level. You also have access to 24 Rockstar Academy Podcast recordings. Listen to them while on-the-go, or laying low to take some time for yourself.


Podcast Episodes

24. FINAL EPISODE – The Top 10 Lessons From My 6-Week Sabbatical

23. Why I’m Taking a 6-Week Sabbatical (and my best advice before I go)

22. Image & Influence – An Interview With Stacey Hanke

21.  5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Conference

20. 5 MORE Keys To Work/Life Balance

19. 5 Keys To Work/Life Balance

18. Practicing The Power of Presence

17. Why Women On Fire Rule The World – An Interview With Debbie Phillips

16. 4 Keys To Long-Term Happiness At Work

15. Get Your Health Back On Track

14. Creating A Simple, Yet Powerful Personal Development Plan

13. How To Defeat 3 Enemies Of Personal Development

12. 3 Reasons You Need To Commit To Personal Development

11. Why It Is Important To Be Extraordinary – An Interview With Mark Sanborn

10. How Organizing My Time, Space, and Workflow Changed My Life

9.   Practicing Great Communication

8.  The #1 Way to Improve Your Service To Others

7.  We Need Your Positive Mojo (More Than Ever)

6.  Setting Your Team Up For Success

5.  Becoming Resilient

4.  Unleashing The Power of Focus

3.  Getting Fully Engaged

2.  Taking an Attitude of Ownership

1.  Calling All Rockstars



One Time Investment of ONLY $49

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